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Octal 6 Line Preamplifier

TNT-Audio (kit)
AudioCircle (assembled)

Ear+ Headphone Amplifier

NEW! Latest review of Ear+ HD on Head-Fi (with Grado PS-1000):  Go To forum review   Dowload review
Audio Asylum (kit)
Head-Fi (kit)

Super Stealth Power Amplifier

Review of Super Stealth SE by Igor Bilot.

Line 2 Preamplifier

Affordable$$Audio 2007 Big Bang, Little Bucks Awards
By Staff
"During 2007, we the staff of Affordable$$Audio were lucky enough to experience a wide variety of products.
Therefore, it’s time to salute those products that provide a great listening experience. The requirements for recognition
were simple, great sound and value, period. No limits were made on how many or few winners within a certain
price point". Mapletree Audio 2SE Preamplifier - John Hoffman
"The 2SE is a fine example of what achieved at an affordable price point. I am not
aware of many tube pre-amps that have the equivalent level of sonic prowess as
the Mapletree, and can come close to it’s price point. Audio enthusiasts who
want to take that first step into the “Brotherhood of the Thermonic Glow”
would be well advised to hear this piece".

Affordable Audio  July/07 issue. Quick download
Head-Fi  Quick download


Ultra 4 Preamplifier

Audio Asylum     Quick download
AudioCircle    Quick download
J. R. Cody customer review