Mapletree Audio Design Newsletter

"Mapletree Branches"

Issue 7 (March 2017 Focus on Mapletree routers and switches: the Engineered To Order (ETO) concept

Issue 6 (July 2010 Introduction to the Ear+ HD Super II headphone amplifier

Issue 5 (Nov. 2007) Special headphone amplifier issue, introduction to the HD200 special edition

Issue 4 (April, 2006) Spring makeover for your system—high level crossover, subwoofers, and ambience recovery; introduction to the Mapletree Thingy.

Issue 3 (March, 2006) Balance control design, tips and tricks (12AX7 adaptors for the Ultra 4A/Phono 4, dumpster tube dampers), introdtion to the Ear++ III.

Issue 2 (December, 2005) Volume control design, adaptors for the Russian 6N2P in the Ultra 4A, introduction to the Stealth 60.

Issue 1 (September, 2005)  Fine tuning the Ear+ Purist, 12SN7/6SN7 listening tests with the Ultra 4A, commemorative edition of the Ear+ and Octal 6.