Mapletree Audio Design: Ultra 4A SE

This review is for the special edition 4a with Auricaps/ blackgates. These twin box gems are hand built by a single person, and although they look a little homebuilt, there price and sonics make them a real bargain in the audioworld. I think the 8 pin tubes [12sn7 & 12sc7] really sets them apart from others when it comes down to sonics, speaking of- if you crave a smooth, laid back, classic tubey type of perspective, then this honey of a pre will get you to thermionic heaven at a flick of a switch. Despite it's rich perspective, this pre is no slouch in the transparency dept. either - detail, frequency extremes, imageing, are all great and go way beyound what you'd expect to get from a 600$ dollar pre. This particular model has the phono stage, which the above describes. I've owned preamps at 4 times the cost that perhaps are more hifi-ish sounding, but don't measure up when it comes to musicality.

Review Information
Review Date: 2/15/2004
Ratings/Views: 0/4
Member Rating: 0.0
Build Quality: 5/5
Cosmetics: 4/5
Feature Set: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5
Value: 5/5

Overall: 4.8
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