Mapletree Audio Design Prices

June, 2017

Prices subject to change without notice

Mapletree Products
Ear+ HD High Definition Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Ultra 4C line/phono preamplifier and PS 2 power supply  930
Ultra 4C RM line/phono preamp with remote volume control
Line 2C line preamplifier and PS 2C power supply  800
Line 2C RM line preamplifier and PS 2C power supply
LR 1 line router (ETO*) Price for total 6 I/O                               * Engineered To Order
LR 1 Pro line router (ETO) Price for 32 or 23 switching with balanced I/O XLR connectors  220
SP 1 speaker/amplifier selector (ETO) Price for Amp1-Amp2 to one speaker system or speaker systems A, A+B, B to one stereo amp
SCC 1 system configuration controller (ETO)
Phono 3 with PSX power supply
Phono 3 without power supply for use with existing Line 2 power supply
Super Stealth 10 W ultralinear monobloc power amplifier  (each)
Super Stealth SE 10 W ultralinear monobloc power amplifier (each). SE version has adjustments for heater voltage, dc balance, bias, and input sensitivity.    
Super Stealth + 30 W ultralinear monobloc power amplifier  (each) Special
Stealth Max 60 W monobloc power amplifier (each)
SR 70 Special Red Dynaco ST70 driver module  250
SugarMaple Products

SugarMaple OD300 headphone amplifier  930
SugarMaple Sidewinder headphone amplifier
SugarMaple Black Buff tube buffer stage

HT option for Line 2C
Auricap capacitor option for Ultra 4C
Auricap capacitor option for Line 2C
DACT stepped attenuator (Ear+ HD, Line 2C, Ultra 4C

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or customs duty and brokerage fees if applicable. Shipping by Expedited Mail (USPS) is recommended for U.S. shipments. Regular parcel mail is recommended for shipping within Canada. International shipments are by International Xpresspost. Rates quoted on request. Most Mapletree components are available for 240 VAC/50 Hz operation at no additional charge.

All components carry a 90 day warranty on tubes including shipping of replacement tubes and a 2-year warranty on other parts. Parts and service will be provided free of charge exclusive of shipping costs.

A stock unit (without custom parts or cosmetics) can be returned for a refund (exclusive of shipping) within 10 days if it is found not to meet the customer's requirements due to system incompatibilities.