The MAD Gallery 

Customers have sent us photos of their finished Mapletree components, either stock or with custom modifications. Here is a sample. Most recent additions at bottom.


Early Octal 6 model with side-mounted I/O jacks.

Steve Geiger: Octal 6 kit on the test bench.

Edwin Tsun: Octal 6 kit with OM4s and a new paint scheme.

Doc Cropper: Octal 6 kit finished in industrial green.

Thomas Borgstrom (Sweden): Octal 6 assembled unit with stepped attenuators, enlarged top plate and new base.

Michael Schelb: Factory assembled Octal 6 in the heart of a fine system.

Michael Schelb: Custom source selector box by MAD. 

Robin Wyatt: MAD Nuvistor Phono Preamp (below turntable).

Michael Schelb: Octal 6 raised to new heights.

Michael Schelb: MAD Octal 6 with Zen Amp.

Nicholas Schell: The true warmth of tube sound.

Josh Knechtel: Ultra 2m and PS 1m

Bruce Anderson: Ear+ Black Beauty (kit)

Ear+ No. 25 Commemorative Edition (1 of 2)

Larry Davis: The Warm Sound of Tubes
(Ear+ kit)

Sean Jones: Black Octal 6 kit with 4 inputs

click on images for larger views

Dominique Paré: Ear+ (kit) with custom woodwork and toggle switch

Walter Kathan (Austria): Ear++ with 4 inputs and a balance control

Blake Ratliff: Ear++ Prototype in blue and hammered bronze

Steve Sweeney: Collectors Edition of Line 2A with 6F8Gs  (one of two produced)

Gilbert Camirand: Highly tweaked Ear+ Purist HD

Dominique Paré: Stealth 5 (kit) with custom woodwork and name plate (on center transformer)

Lok Lowe (Australia): Ear+ (kit) with custom transformer enclosure, Aupen CSA 2.5 power cable and vanDen Hul 

Jens Lungstad (Norway): Ear++ (kit) after hours

Dr. Gregory Fischer: Ear+ Purist (kit) just completed

Stefan Fahrnholz (Germany): Oktal 6A kit in custom chassis

Dan Ratliff: Ear + Purist in custom cherrywood case

Roy-Egil Vaaler (Norway): Re-crafted Octal 6A with motorized volume control

Ear+ Purist HD50
50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition 
(1 of 4)

Adrianto Soekandar (Indonesia): Ear++ II HD and Ear+ Purist HD from kits (click on image for enlarged view)

Dominique Paré: Ultra 4A SE and PS 1t built from scratch parts kit (click on image for enlarged view)

Gregory Fischer: Matching Ear+ and Eye+

Lok Lowe (Australia): Custom Ear+ Purist from basic parts kit. (Click on image for enlarged view)

Gregory Fischer: Magic 5 SE kit, Ear+ Purist kit, and Eye+
(Click image for enlarged view)

Tyler Orehek: Octal 6A SE, Ear++ HD, Viper, and custom power distribution unit
larger view  system view   rear view

Jan Erling Veiset (Norway): Octal 6A SE. Note the use of metal 6R7s!
(Click image for larger view)

Matthew Hepplewhite (Australia): Octal 6A SE/Custom Viper
(Click on images for larger views)
David Fung (Australia): Ear++ II  kit with custom treatment.
Are those Dynaco knobs?
(click images for larger views)

Jan Erling Veiset (Norway): Custom Phono Preamplifier/Power Supply ("Blodřks") from Dr. P's skunkworks.
(Click on images for enlarged views)

Al Matano: Ear+ Purist HD100 with magic eye tube display for each channel.

Al Matano: Ear+ Purist HD100 in polished aluminum chassis, solid ebony side panels.

Scott Guthrie: Teac VRDS transport,  Audio Note DAC with a 12AX7 output feeding the stock Octal 6A (kit). The Octal 6A drives a McIntosh 2100 amp which in turn drives early B&W 801s. 

Jan Erling Veiset (Norway): Valhalla power amplifier (above and below) and power supply. A joint design/construction project with Mapletree Audio Design uses KT88s in class AB2 with Sowter OPTs.

Ekkofisk chassis under construction at Mapletree Audio Design
Jan Erling Veiset (Norway): Ekkofisk power amplifier (left and above).  10W/ch, push-pull class A with parallel 6EM7s, Sowter input transfromers and Hammond outputs. Click on images for larger photos

Mark Norman. Very custom Ear+ Purist HD with hybrid rectification, potted power transformers, polished stainless steel chassis plate in a Red Birch base. You can follow Mark's journey on the Head-Fi forum.
Jan Erling Veiset (Norway).
EL84 Mini PP power amplifier (custom chassis by Mapletree Audio). Distributed feedback with single stage balanced driver circuit. 

Steve Knarr. Magic 5B SE (kit) with 6R7GTs and very special knobs! Click on photo for larger version. 
Jan Erling Veiset (Norway).
Froya: SE class A power amplifier with paralleled 6550s. Delivers 20 W in triode mode and 40 W in Ultra-Linear. Custom Sowter transformers and chassis engineering by Mapletree Audio Design. Read more at
Rik Elmendorp. Ear+ Purist HD with end panels finished to match the Grado RS-1

Jan Erling Veiset (Norway). OTL headphone amplifier with Mapletree custom chassis.
Jeff Davison: Custom ST 70 on steroids using the Mapletree SR 70 driver board.

Ear+ Purist HD150 (Limited Edition of 20) Headphone Amplifier
More Information

Jeffrey Keever: Newly completed Magic 5B kit joins a very nice analog system .

Ear+ HD200 Collection
Click image for larger version.

George Burrows: Phono 4 SE with Dynavector 10X5/ MC cartridge.

Murray Smith (New Zealand): Ultra 4A SE/Super Stealth (2)/Stealth Max (2)

Igor Bilot: Red Dragon custom monoblocs (6AS7G)

Pedersen, Bodř , Norway. SR70 Special Red driver board in a customized Dynaco ST 70 power amp. Note the use of 5693 special red versions of the 6SJ7. 

Andreas Pedersen:
SR70 driver board in an upgraded Dynaco ST-70.  

Paul Marciniak:
SR70 drivr board in a finely finished ST-70.

Jan Erling Veiset (Norway). Dead Parrot - personal design of ultra low noise line preamp/power supply/input controller. EF86/6BL8 circuit. Inplementation by Mapletree Audio . For more details and enquiries about having one built for you contact Jan at

Under-chassis view of the Dead Parrot preamp

Peter Choi (Hong Kong): Dead Parrot Mk II

Marc Lemaire - Line 2A SE with Curry (orange tiger), 2 Decware SE84+ stereo amplifiers, and a Pathos Logos integrated amp (from Italy). Sources include an Oppo BDP95 for CDs and SACDs and a computer with a DAC from exaSound in Toronto for digital music.  Click on photo for larger image

Igor Bilot: New Super Stealth SE monoblocs complete a fine system. Preamp - Mapletree Ultra 4A SE, Speakers - Klpisch La Scala, Analog -  Decware ZP3 phono stage, Project turntable with a MM Ortofon Black 2M, Digital -  Lars Audio DAC1 MKII, 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC.

Igor Bilot: New Super Stealth SE monoblocs complete a fine system. Preamp - Mapletree Ultra 4A SE, Speakers - Klpisch La Scala, Analog -  Decware ZP3 phono stage, Project turntable with a MM Ortofon Black 2M, Digital -  Lars Audio DAC1 MKII, 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC.

Kelly Samel: HD300 Limited Edition used with PS1000, RS1i and LCD-2 headphones.

Ear+ HD Super II with customer-requested colour scheme: Gulf Racing Team colours

Stealth Max monoblocs with custom passive stereo attenuator.

System includes wiredforsound DAC, Sony S5000ES DVD/CD transport, B&W 805 speakers, Velodyne HGS 12 subwoofer, silvercable silver reference cables and power cord, mapleshade platforms and speaker stands.

Mapletree Line 2B preamp, RM 1 remote control, and Ear+ HD headphone amplifier. System components include Classe monoblocs, Reference 3A Nefes speakers, Take 5 and BIS cables (an all-Canadian setup!). Sources are a Music Hall table, Soundsmith Aidia cartridge feeding a Electrocompaniet phono preamp, Mitsubishi FM tuner, and digital sources.